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Difference Between MRI and CT Scan?

Difference Between MRI and CT Scan?

MRI and CT scans Are some of the most common imaging methods doctors use to diagnose and stage cancer. Once you understand the difference between mri and ct scan, you can decide which is appropriate for your health.

What are MRIs and CT scans?

A CT scan Is a type of X-ray that goes in a circle around you. When you look at it together, it provides you with a 3D image of your body. On the flip side, MRIs Depend on a large, powerful magnet and a radio wave to Come up with a picture. The Radio Waves depend on the molecules in your body to line up somehow. And they also send out different signals while they revert to their regular positions. This gives you information about the other tissues available in your body..

No matter what kind of scan you choose, you must lie on a movable table that passes through a giant donut-shaped machine.

Is one machine type better than another?

There is no comparison between an apple and an orange. And similarly, both the devices are just great and unique when it comes to mri scan vs ct scan.

Instead, you can think about the scans as complementary to each other. CT scan Is perfect at special resolution, while MRI is Good at showing you the difference between different parts of your body, and it can also help you understand the difference between normal tissue and cancer tissue.

How do the doctors decide which to use for you?

Doctors will Choose the type of scan depending on your health, especially The type of cancer and the question the doctor must answer. In short, everyone's case is unique. A CT scan Is undoubtedly your best bet if you want to understand your bony structure, but if you're going to distinguish between the normal tissue and the cancer tissue, then of course, an MRI is a good option as you can get a clear image.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages and MRI and CT Scan Difference?

A CT scan Is swift as compared to an MRI. But the preparation takes longer than the scan itself. That is around 1 minute or even less.  CT scan is your best option if you are in a lot of pain or find it challenging to hold still for a long time. With an MRI, You can see things pretty clearly. But it takes around 30 minutes or even more to get the results. If you move during the scan, the images will also be distorted.

If your doctor sees something on a CT scan that is unclear, then they might order an MRI. To better look at it and figure out it is precisely what it is.

This is all you need to know about the difference between both the scans. You might be worrying about exposure to ionizing radiation used during the experience and the scans. Still, you don't have to worry as technology is changing with every passing day, and the scans are becoming safer than ever. Hence understanding CT scan vs MRI is important.

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