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Health affects of Smoking

Health Effects of Smoking

Smoking is very injurious to health, which leads to negative impacts as a longer term to the body and can lead to diseases such as cancer, heart and diabetes. Whether you chew or smoke, tobacco is considered to be very dangerous to health. Products related to tobacco are made of poisonous substances such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, acetone etc. This is the inhaled substance which can hamper the lungs negatively and also various other organs of the body. Hence, one should be aware about the effects of smoking.

The implications of smoking is immense, the effects of smoking can be risky in the

Smoking can lead to ongoing complications or long-term effects on your body systems. While smoking can enhance your risk of some health conditions over the years, like cancer and tissues with blood clotting, which affects the body.

Tobacco is considered to be a very harmful substance to the body, and it's no substitute for smoking. Also replacing cigarettes with hookah or E-cigarettes is not a very viable solution as they do also have tobacco effects, which can be dangerous.

Risk of Cancer & Effect on Health:

One of the major harmful effects of smoking includes the cancer risk. Smoking harms the organs of the body which affects the overall health. Smoking increases the inflammation risk, which impacts the immune system negatively.

Central Nervous System

The ingredients present in tobacco are drug nicotine and mood-altering. Nicotine is addictive and habit forming, which is the reason why people find it difficult to quit smoking easily. Nicotine can reach the brain within seconds, and only for some time it can energize but in the long run has bad effects. Once the effect wears off, it is normal to crave more and feel fatigued. The physical withdrawal from nicotine can easily affect the ability to think properly, and can also lead to negative emotions such as stress, depression or anxiety.


Apart from smoking lung cancer, there is also a chance that it affects optic nerve issues and vision. This leads to developing some conditions which do impact the eyes. This includes glaucoma, where the pressure in the eyes enhances and puts the pressure on the optic nerve which causes damage and leads to poor sight.

Respiratory system

Smoking can damage the air sacs in the lungs, which are like the tiny hairlike structure which prevents mucus and dirt from the lungs such as tuberculosis.

Reproductive System and Sexuality

Nicotine has the negative ability to impact the blood flow to the genital areas for both women and men. Smoking also leads to issues related to fertility and lower sex hormones. In case of women, they would see a decrease in the level of lubrication in the vagina area, which can lead to earlier menopause. This also enhances the risks for early stillbirth delivery or sudden death of infant syndrome.


Smoking of cigarettes can enhance the risks for various health conditions which impacts the body. The biggest side effect of smoking is that it can cause cancer in many of the body organs. It can minimize the fertility rate and increase the chance for development of Type 2 diabetes.

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