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inactive lifestyle risks

Health Risks of Inactive Lifestyle

Health Risks of Inactive Lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle is all about a lack of significant physical activity. Most people today live a sedentary lifestyle, and they need to meet the physical activity guidelines. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that people engage in exercise for at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise or around 75 minutes of intense physical activity every week. Lack of exercise is one of the most common causes of all medical problems. Understanding all the risks can motivate you to incorporate physical activity into your daily life. It all starts with a small change, and you must gradually build your exercise routine.

Basics about an inactive lifestyle

Before you learn about sedentary lifestyle effects, you must understand what it is all about. Lifestyle means that you are sitting a lot of time and do not engage in physical activity. This happens because your job requires you to sit in front of the desk for a long time for traveling. Also, you prefer cars or trains instead of walking or using cycles. Even during your free time, you would always sit in front of the television or do some other activity, including sitting for a long time.

How does an inactive lifestyle lead to problems in your body?

When you are leading an active lifestyle, you end up burning only a few calories. This means that you will gain a lot more weight, and it will be challenging for you to lose that extra kilos. The accumulation of weight can generally lead to obesity, which leads to several sedentary lifestyle risks.

Muscle strength or endurance is lost when you have an inactive lifestyle because your muscles are unused. Your bone strength is reduced as you do not use them, and they might also lose the mineral content with time.

Some of the lifestyle diseases that you should know about


Obesity is one of the ever-growing concerns. In this condition, your body has a lot of fat, enhancing the risk for all diseases. When your BMI is greater or equal to 30, then you are considered obese. The leading cause of ever-increasing obesity is an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle.

Type 2 diabetes

When your body doesn't use insulin effectively, you go through type 2 diabetes. At least 95% of people today have type 2 diabetes, and it is caused due to excessive body weight or lack of exercise. Earlier, type 2 diabetes was common among adults, but today, it is common among kids, too.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure happens when the force of the blood against your artery walls is entirely high. It is prominently known as hypertension. One of the most harmful parts of high blood pressure is that it has no visible symptoms, but if you do not treat it in time, it can lead to a heart attack. You increase your chance of getting hypertension by at least 30 to 40% if you lead an inactive lifestyle.

In short, you need to lead an active lifestyle. It would be best if you incorporated more movement into your everyday routine. This can help you lead a healthy life. You can take the stairs instead of the elevators and park away from your house or office.

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