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Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR): Levels, Tests & What's Normal?

Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR): Levels, Tests & What's Normal?

Doctors make use of the glomerular filtration for checking if there is an issue with kidney ailment and if yes, then at what stage. The GFR levels measure the ability of the kidney to filter out the wastes and toxins from the blood. Low levels of gfr normal range indicate kidney failure and it does require an individual to go through dialysis or even in some cases kidney transplant.

Glomeruli are known to be the tiny filters in the kidney which makes it simple to remove the toxins from the blood. The regular body rate depends on the body size.

Average GF Rate As Per Doctors

This rate makes it easy for the experts to spot all the problems with the kidney such as kidney ailments. Kidney is a very important organ of the urinary system, and problems with the kidney happen when one or both the kidneys end up getting damaged. The dangerous toxins end up building up in the blood. The various kidney disease symptoms such as muscle spasm or frequent urination does not happen till you lose about 40% of the kidney. It is the glomerular filtration rate normal range which helps the experts to detect the diseases on time and start early treatment.

Who Should Go For the Glomerular Filtration Rate Test?

The experts do recommend this test to everyone who wants to get their kidney checked for any kidney diseases. First these tests reflect how severe the kidney disease is. The expert makes use of the test to keep a check on the kidney health and the kind of medicines you need to take to treat the functions. In case if you are dealing with issues like blockages or urinary tract infections, then it is essential to go for the test.


It is the expert which uses a formula for averaging the normal glomerular filtration rate. This formula combines the serum creatinine blood test results with details such as gender or age. A serum creatinine blood test measures the creatinine levels which is a waste product in the blood. The body makes and uses creatinine, which is a chemical that provides proper energy to the muscle. When the muscles make use of the energy, the muscle tissue can break down, which releases creatinine in the blood.

It is the healthy kidney, which filters out the toxins out of blood, and the body can get rid of it via urinating. But in case of kidney disease, the creatinine stays in the blood and gradually builds up.

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