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The Dangers of Overhydration: What Kidney Patients Need to Know

H2O or water as we call it is one of the most important chemical compounds human being can ever experience in life. It allows for intake of water, supplying our bodies needs for temperature regulation and toxin elimination. However, in regards to advice like “drink lots of water” it is crucial for patients with kidney disease to be very careful. Although the importance of water consumption has not been diminished, the adverse consequences of overhydration are severe, especially for patients with kidney disease.

Understanding Kidney Function

The kidneys are one of the major organs of the body and performs the role of filtration for the body. They discharge the waste products and extra water from the blood while sustaining the adequate level of electrolytes. In fact, disease in kidneys is a circumstance where the organs are not capable of performing the aforementioned functions. This can therefore culminate in the accumulation of toxins and fluids in the body thus causing a variety of complications.

The Danger of Excessive Water Intake for Persons with Kidney Diseases

When there is kidney dysfunction, the patient’s filtration ability is already weak, and thus overhydration can harm the patient more. This can lead to:

  • Electrolyte Imbalance: Drinking too much water weakens the levels of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium in the blood stream. This state of inequity creates an adverse impact that hampers the normal working of the heart, muscles, and nerves.
  • Fluid Overload: If this is difficult for the kidneys to do then dropped pee can cause the swelling of the ankles, feet and even the lungs. This can lead to situations where people get shortness of breath and feel uncomfortable.
  • High Blood Pressure: High amount of fluid can exert pressure on the heart, lead to high blood pressure and therefore aggravate the cardiac problems.

Finding the Right Balance: Significance of Kidney Function Tests

The essence of handling the water intake for patients with kidney issues, boast in the proportions. This depends with the extent of the kidney disease, presence of any other diseases and the person’s level of physical activity. For this reason, periodic check-ups of the kidney function are mandatory.

Applying for a Kidney Function Test in Delhi (KFT)

A Kidney Function Test (KFT) is a set of blood tests that measures the functions of a kidney in a person’s body. At our Qris Health Labs located in Delhi, we have a Kidney Function Tests Package that is all encompassing. This test involves determination of some critical indices such as blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, and glomerular filtration rate to known whether or not there is a chance of kidney dysfunction.

The Road to Optimal Kidney Health

It is therefore important to come to term with the volume intake in relation to your particular circumstances. At Qris Health Labs we know that improvement of kidney health is a group effort. Thus, using the data obtained routinely from available Kidney function test in Delhi at Qris Health Labs, with the support of the doctor, one can develop an effective strategy.

These extraordinary KFTs like the Kidney Function Tests Package helps in providing kidney function insights with the aid of markers such as BUN, creatinine, and GFR. With this knowledge at his/her disposal then a doctor can fashion out a hydration palate will take your health to the next level.

Advantage of KFT Kidney Function Tests

Regular KFTs provide valuable information for:

  • Early Detection of Kidney Issues: KFTs are useful in the early identification of kidney disorders increasing chances of appropriate management.
  • Treatment Guidance: KFT results assist healthcare practitioners in building up individualized patient care plans in relation to the condition of chronic kidney disease, such as the volume of fluid to be consumed.
  • Monitoring Progress: KFTs are useful in determining the effectiveness of the treatment regime for patients with renal diseases.

KFT Kidney Function Test Results and the Way Forward

Once you have your KFT results, it is recommended that you visit your doctor to explain the results to you. Hormones and allowable fluid intake will be explained by them in reference to your medical records and general health state.


  • Ask your physician on any issues that you have concerning KFTs or fluid intake.
  • This means that you should endeavor to have KFTs done as advised by your doctor on a regular base with a view of having your kidney’s health status.

Kidney Function Test Near Me

That being said, all of us at Qris Health Labs, welcome you with a promise of Quality Health care. Visit Google.com and type in the search bar “Kidney Function Test Near Me” and you will get a list of the Qris Health Labs near you. It is important for you to know that we have cozy facilities for KFT testing, and if there is anything we do well, it is the processing of your results as soon as possible.

Get control of your Kidney Health only at Qris Health Labs!

Do not let the situation reach the point that some signs appear in the body. Kidney care is in your hand today wake up and take control of your Kidneys. You can set up an appointment with your doctor to get an idea of your requirements for a KFT and get referred to the right centre. To locate a nearby and easily accessible Qris Health Labs in Delhi, one should type the words “Kidney Function Test Near Me” into an internet browser.

It does not end with testing as such, although testing is a very important part of our activity. We make our lab clean and friendly, run multiple copies of your KFT quickly, and give detailed results to educate you.

Knowledge is power and catching the problem early is the first step to solving it. What is more, by adhering to the recommendations on the regularity of KFTs and cooperation with the doctor, it is possible to outline the further steps towards the proper functioning of kidneys and the full-fledged life.

Allow Qris Health Labs be your companion on this process. Contact us today!

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