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How Thyroid can affects Your Sex Life?

How Can Thyroid Affect Your Sex Life?

It gives pleasure to indulge in sex. Individuals love to have sex with their straight partners, as having a good sex life has several benefits. However, if a person is sick, diseased, or suffering from thyroid problems, then the person's sexual health gets affected adversely. In this context, it is relevant to understand that the thyroid is a gland that is situated within the human body, and it is known to secrete a hormone called thyroxin. If the gland is functioning appropriately, its effect can be observed in the sexual life of an individual. This blog discusses how the thyroid can affect a person's sex life. 

Thyroid issues on Sex Life

This section of the blog discusses the side effects of Thyroid on the sex life of a person. The thyroid can cause various complications in your conjugal life. You should keep a check on your thyroid frequently.

Thyroid issues imply painful sex

Women who are suffering from issues concerning their thyroid often report painful sex. This is usually because of some diseases related to Thyroid lower lubrication in the vagina. Thyroid issues and side effects of hypothyroidism in a woman can make sex painful for her. In this context, it is relevant to add that lubrication in the vagina is essential regarding female sexual pleasures. When the vagina is dry, it becomes difficult for the male penis to enter because of friction. This often results in irritation. Therefore, if you are a woman experiencing itching in the vagina or dry vagina then consult the doctor immediately.

Low sex drive

For males, if there is a thyroid disorder or if there are thyroid imbalances, then the levels of testosterone in the blood become low. This results in decreased libido and low sex drive in both men and women. In this context, it is relevant to add that different levels of testosterone in the blood contribute to varying levels of sex drive in both women and men.

Premature ejaculation

Ejaculation issues or premature ejaculation are some issues that are associated with thyroid disorders or thyroid imbalances. Therefore, it is recommended that whenever you face ejaculation issues, then get in touch with the medics.

Erectile dysfunction

Thyroid issues often lead to imbalances in hormones in the blood. Penile erection is often attributed to hormones like testosterone. Thyroid and hence thyroxine also play a vital role in penile erection. Hence if a man faces erectile dysfunction, then it can be due to thyroid issues, and this is a side effect of hypothyroidism . Contact the doctor, and take medical advice in such situations.


The blog content in context primarily focuses on the side effects of Thyroid issues on sex life. An individual suffering from thyroid-related disorders is expected to contact the doctor. The doctor then advises the person to do body tests and other thyroid tests like TSH, T3, T4, and TSI to assess the levels of thyroxine in the blood. If there exists any anomaly in thyroxine levels, the doctor advises medication accordingly.

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