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Everything to Know About Urine Routine Test

A urine test, as the name suggests is done via checking the urine to rule out the overall health. A urine test is known for playing an important role in finding any issues at early stages. There are different reasons why a urine routine test is done, such as it can be a regular part of the pregnancy test, check for kidney or to check symptoms related to the urinary tract.

How does the urine test work?

There are multiple ways of how a urine test is analyzed. One is via the visual exam by checking the color of the photos. In case if the ‘P’ has blood, then it could be red or dark brown, if the urine is cloudy in color, then this is a sign of infection, and if it has foam in it, then it is a sign of kidney disease.

How can you prepare for the urine test?

There is not much preparation required before the urine test and it is possible to eat and drink normally. For a urine test, you can call qris health lab to learn about more things or you can get the test at home. But in case you are about to get periods or having periods, then you must not get the test done.

  • Right before the test, it is essential to wash the area properly.
  • Take a container and pee in it.
  • Wash your hands after before and after handing over the sample


Make sure to get the timely urine test routine done, in case you are also facing any issues related to kidney, urine etc.

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