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about complete blood count

Know about the complete blood count (CBC) test

A complete blood count is basically a blood test that gives your doctor information about your blood and overall health. The experts can diagnose, monitor, and screen for different ranges of diseases or infections with CBC tests. Your experts can take a sample of blood, and your lab results will be ready in just a few days.

What do you mean by CBC blood test?

A complete blood count is a blood test that helps your doctor detect different conditions or disorders. It enables you to keep a tab on the side effects of other medicines. Your doctor might use this test to screen for diseases or adjust the treatment. The blood test will measure and count your blood cells, and your expert will take a sample of your blood and send it to the lab. The lab will do a series of tests to understand your blood cells fully. These tests will help your experts monitor your health.

When is a CBC blood test performed?

You need a CBC blood test if you have symptoms like bruising or bleeding, fatigue, or weakness. Doctors might also recommend you to go for this test if you have fever inflammation or problems with heart health.

Why do your experts order CBC?

CBC is one of the most essential parts of an annual physical exam. Your doctor might recommend you go for this test to monitor the side effects of some prescription medicines. The test is also recommended to detect abnormalities in your blood that would be a sign of a disease or monitor many different disorders, conditions, or infections. You should evaluate your overall health and rule out the requirements.

What does a CBC look for?

When you go to labs for blood test, the doctor might measure and study your red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. The red blood cells will carry oxygen throughout your body, and white blood cells would be a part of your immune system. They will help your body fight all the infections, and platelets will help your body clot. CBC will measure, count and evaluate different elements of your blood. CBC without differential counts the total number of your white blood cells, and CBC with differential will include how many types of white blood cells you have. Hemoglobin tests at the same time will measure the hemoglobin, which is ideally a protein in your red blood cell that carries oxygen.

CBC blood test can help you detect some conditions like anemia, bone marrow disorders and cancer. Side effects of chemotherapy can also be checked through CBC tests. You can ask your expert about cbc blood test prices before you go for this test.

What can you expect during a complete blood count?

You don't have to do anything special for this test. Your doctor will clean your arm and insert a needle. The needle might sting or pinch your little finger. Through the needle, the provider will remove a sample of your blood and collect it. After drawing the blood, your expert will send the blood to a lab.

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