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Full Body Advance Health package (87 parameters)

CBC-Complete Blood Count (27 Parameters), Diabetes Screen-HBA1C (2 Parameters), Iron Studies (4 Parameters), Kidney Function Test (10 Parameters), Lipid Profile (9 Parameters), Liver Function Test (12 Parameters), Thyroid Profile(T3,T4,TSH) (3 Parameters), Urine Routine (19 Parameters), Blood Glucose Fasting

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87 Parameters

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Frequently Asked Questions

A full body checkup can help identify any potential health concerns and enable you to take steps to prevent or address them.

A full body checkup usually includes a thorough physical examination, blood tests, and other diagnostic tests depending on your age, sex, family history, and other risk factors.

The frequency of full body checkups is generally recommended to be every years for adults aged 18-50 and twice a year for adults over 50.

Full Body Health Checkup helps in the early diagnosis of all possible bodily diseases and disorders. Any concern, including those involving kidney testing, liver tests, blood sugar test or cholesterol tests, can be covered by a whole body examination. For those under 30, who are particularly prone to establishing unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits, routine health examinations are crucial.

Preventive healthcare must include a comprehensive full body checkup. Instead of waiting until one is sick or injured to see a doctor, being proactive is essential for better health. A great way to ensure that everything in one's body is in good shape is to get a comprehensive checkup performed regularly. The full body checkup package should ideally be chosen twice a year.

A wide range of tests are included in the full body health packages at Qris Health Blood Test Lab for a comprehensive diagnostic of your health. Depending on your requirements and state of health, Qris Health Lab, an NABL-approved pathology lab and diagnostic facility, offers a choice of health test packages.

Prior to anything else, one must choose which tests should be included in a full body checkup. Depending on your age, factors affecting your health, the health conditions you have (if any), etc., you can choose from a selection of health packages given by Qris Health Test Lab for a full body test. You can also talk to your doctor about this before scheduling an appointment.

At Qris Health Test Lab, we offer various Full-body health checkup packages ranging from Rs.299 to Rs.5999. No. of tests included in the packages are different from each other. Full Body Checkup With Vitamin Screening includes 89 tests & Full Body Basic Checkup includes 81 tests. Common tests that are included in the packages are CBC Test, Fasting Blood Sugar Test, Random Blood Sugar Test, Kidney Function Test, Liver Function Test, Thyroid Profile Test, Lipid Profile Test, CRP Test, Vitamin B12 Test etc. You need to visit the package details page for complete information on the price, no. of tests included etc.

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