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CA-15.3, Serum Qutub Vihar

Test code: QRS80

Parameter Include : 1

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Cancer Antigen 15.3 (CA 15.3) is a protein normal breast cells produce. The CA 15.3 test Qutub Vihar, detects CA 15.3 levels in the blood. It can be used as a tumor marker to track the progression of cancer. CA 15.3 is a cancer detection marker, and its overexpression is usually connected with breast cancer. It is the protein that normal breast cells produce. Breast cancer test Qutub Vihar is treated in a variety of ways. It depends on the kind of breast cancer and the extent of its spread. Breast cancer patients frequently receive many treatments. Breast Cancer treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, biological therapy, and radiation therapy. You will be asked to undress from the waist up during a mammography test Qutub Vihar. The machine will then have easier access to your breasts because you will wear a comfy medical robe

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Frequently Asked Questions

The link between bras, especially padded ones, and breast cancer has been extensively discussed. It is yet unproven, however, that using a padded bra can lead to cancer, according to studies or surveys.

Though there are no established methods for avoiding breast cancer, several lifestyle changes can reduce the risk. Steps to minimize the risk include:- Maintaining a healthy weight. Leading an active lifestyle. Minimizing alcohol consumption Getting pregnant on time

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