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Allergy Fungi profile in Qutub Vihar

Test code: QRS47

Parameter Include : 5

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Fungal allergies are possible sensitizers in children, and their detection and quantification in indoor air are critical in detecting and regulating fungal allergies. Because the signs and symptoms of fungal infections and illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses are so similar, fungal tests are frequently performed when the cause of the condition is unknown. The suspected site(s) of infection and the type of sample taken determine this. What can be collected includes skin scrapings, nail and hair pieces, bodily fluids, blood, and a tissue biopsy. If you search for fungal allergy treatment near me on the internet, you will find you certified and assured labs for fungi tests in Qutub Vihar that also provide a home collection of the sample. The cost of testing for fungi allergy in Qutub Vihar varies depending on location and facility

Getting regular checkups can help prevent illnesses. Qris Health offers an easy way to monitor your health with their Allergy Fungi profile in Qutub Vihar starting at only ₹2499. We have served over 1 lakh satisfied customers in 50+ cities. This test is available in Qutub Vihar with home sample collection facilitiy. This test includes 5 number of key health parameter(s). Whether you choose this test or another package, Qris Health helps you keep track of your health.

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Test Details (Parameters included : 05)

No. of Parameters

Aspergillus  Fumigates
Cladosporium Herb
AlternariaAlt ernata
Candida Albicans
Penicillium Notatum

Frequently Asked Questions

The test sites can vanish in minutes or up to 12 hours after the test is finished. To alleviate any discomfort, you can take allergy medication. The bumps may disappear after 2 to 3 days for severe allergic reactions

Allergy tests are not painful. This testing employs needles (lancets) that barely penetrate the skin's surface. You will not bleed or experience more than minor discomfort

The most common reaction is local itching and swelling at the test site, which usually goes away after a few hours. Other potential side effects include itching the eyes, nose, and throat, runny nose, wheezing, light-headedness, hives, and nausea.

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