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Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Virus (HBsAg) - Card Method Ram Nagar

Test code: QRS56

Parameter Include : 1

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HBsAg stands for hepatitis B surface antigen, and if a person has a test result that is "hbsag blood test Ram Nagar" is ??positive?? or "reactive" for HBsAg, it indicates that they are infected with hepatitis B. HBSAG test Ram Nagar detect the actual presence of the hepatitis B virus (called the surface antigen) in your blood. This is determined by asking the person how long they have had the infection. If your hepatitis b surface antigen Ram Nagar comes back reactive, it indicates you have the potential to pass it on to others through your blood

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you only tested positive for the "anti hbsag" antibody, it is most likely that you either had a "false-positive" test or that you are immune to the hepatitis B virus (had a hepatitis B infection sometime in the past).

The levels of HBsAg less than 1 s/c is considered negative

Chronic hepatitis B has the potential to develop into a serious disease that can lead to a variety of long-term health complications, such as damage to the liver, liver failure, liver cancer, and even death

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