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Qris Preventive Thyroid Care in Qutub Vihar

Test code: QRS236

Parameter Include : 16

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The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland in the front of the neck. It produces hormones that regulate metabolism, growth, and development. An imbalance of thyroid hormones can lead to various health problems, including weight gain, fatigue, and depression. Qris Preventive thyroid blood test in Qutub Vihar offers a comprehensive approach to treatment that includes lifestyle changes, medication, and surgery. There are many treatments tft blood tests in Qutub Vihar. The most common one is the use of iodine supplements. This helps to improve the function of the thyroid gland and also helps to prevent goiter. There is also a thyroid test at home in Qutub Vihar. Iodine supplements are usually taken in the form of tablets or capsules. Another treatment is the use of thyroxine, which is a synthetic hormone that helps to regulate the function of the thyroid gland. Thyroxine is usually taken in the form of tablets or injections.

Getting regular checkups can help prevent illnesses. Qris Health offers an easy way to monitor your health with their Qris Preventive Thyroid Care in Qutub Vihar starting at only ₹1499. We have served over 1 lakh satisfied customers in 50+ cities. This test is available in Qutub Vihar with home sample collection facilitiy. This test includes 16 number of key health parameter(s). Whether you choose this test or another package, Qris Health helps you keep track of your health.

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Test Details (Parameters included : 16)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to prevent thyroid cancer is to have regular checkups with your doctor, especially if you have a family history of the disease. You should also eat a healthy diet and get enough exercise.

You should get your thyroid checked yearly or more often if you have a family history of the disease.

Symptoms of thyroid cancer can include a lump in the neck, hoarseness, trouble swallowing, and shortness of breath.

The normal level for T3 is between 60 to 180 ng/dL, Normal T4 values are 4.5 to 10.90 ug/dL & Normal TSH values are 0.35 to 5.10 IU/ML

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