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Malaria Profile Seemapuri

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Malaria is a severe disease caused mainly by a parasite. These parasites are smaller plants or animals deriving nutrients by living off some other creature. Parasites causing malaria are passed down to humans through mosquito bites. Initially, the symptoms of malaria might be identical to the flu, and malaria even leads to fatality. Getting a malaria blood test Seemapuri is important to detect the problem early. Malaria is never a contagious disease like the flu or cold; however, it spreads from person to person by mosquitoes, so you should get a malaria test Seemapuri. Whenever a mosquito bites an infected individual, it starts spreading the parasite to anyone it later bites on. Know about malaria test price Seemapuri as malaria profiling constantly searches for signs of malaria infection in the blood. Malaria tests are used for diagnosing malaria. If ever malaria is diagnosed and treated sooner, it can get cured. Malaria leads to fatal diseases and further complications when left untreated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever the blood specimen gets collected, it is applied on the sample pad on the test card along with a few reagents.

PCR is an instrumental test that confirms the species of malarial parasites after diagnosis is made by RDT or smear microscopy.

When malaria is diagnosed rapidly by the RDTs or microscopy, it is recommended by WHO for every patient suspecting malaria before they are treated.

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