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Thyroid Profile-Free (fT3, fT4 & TSH- sensitive) Prem Nagar

Test code: QRS192

Parameter Include : 3

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The levels of stimulating thyroid hormone can be determined with the help of a simple blood test called a "thyroid test Prem Nagar." A blood sample will be drawn from a vein in your arm and placed in a test tube during the procedure. Any modern pathology laboratory can analyze that blood sample with the appropriate machinery. You should know about the free thyroid profile test cost details. According to the medical community, this is a must to get reliable diagnostic data for further treatment planning. The lab supervisor will let it know if any additional directives need to be followed. Free Thyroid profile test Prem Nagar may vary, you should know about that. More specifically, a TSH test cannot explain why your thyroid hormone levels are going up or down. You have to know Free thyroid test price Prem Nagar before the test. If the pathology lab finds anything out of the ordinary with your thyroid functions, they may recommend further evaluation.

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Test Details (Parameters included : 03)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pregnant women should get their thyroid levels checked because pregnancy can cause postpartum hypothyroidism and because pregnancy itself can affect thyroid levels

Giant statue is just one of the many possible side effects of thyroid problems. In addition, doctors and other medical experts can advise you on preventative measures to ensure you never develop any of these diseases

The normal level for FT3 is between 1.8 to 4.20 pg/mL, Normal FT4 values are 0.45 to 1.40 ng/dL& Normal TSH values are 0.35 to 5.10 IU/ML

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Free Home Sample Collection by Vaccinated Professionals

Free Doctor Consultation from Expert Team

Doctor verified reports with 3-step review process

Smart Reporting - Detailed information on each test

Expert Team of Medical Professionals

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