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HPLC-Abnormal Hb Studies (Hb Electrophoresis) in Kirby Place

Test code: QRS28

Parameter Include : 3

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HB electrophoresis test is a blood test used to determine the amount and variety of hemoglobin in a person's blood. Hemoglobin is a protein inside RBCs that carries oxygen to your body's tissues and organs. Inherited mutations in the genes that make hemoglobin can lead to a variety of abnormal forms of the protein. Your doctor may suggest a hplc hemoglobin in Kirby Place test to determine if you have a condition that causes you to produce abnormal hemoglobin. After a complete blood count has been taken, your doctor may order a test for hb hplc test in Kirby Place as part of a routine physical. In the case of anemia, your doctor may order a hemoglobin electrophoresis test. If you have any abnormal forms of hemoglobin, this test will reveal it. HB electrophoresis is used to monitor the levels of the different types of hemoglobin if you are being treated for a condition that causes abnormal types of hemoglobin. HB electrophoresis in pregnancy can reveal whether or not a person has inherited hemoglobin abnormalities. These genetic hemoglobin disorders are also routinely screened for in newborns

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Test Details (Parameters included : 03)

No. of Parameters

Hemoglobin F (HbFoetal)

Hemoglobin A (Hba)

Hemoglobin A2 (Hba2)

Frequently Asked Questions

Hemoglobin electrophoresis is a blood test used to detect and quantify the various Hemoglobin subtypes in a patient's blood.

Hemoglobin abnormality is when there is variant hemoglobin present. This variant form is often inherited and may lead to blood disorders

Your doctor will draw blood into a vial during the procedure. Hemoglobin is separated into its respective bands by passing an electric current through the blood sample. The test results are determined by comparing your blood sample to a standard hemoglobin sample

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