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Bilirubin Total, Serum Test in Prem Nagar

Test code: QRS6

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All humans have bilirubin, a yellow pigment in their blood and feces. Levels of total bilirubin in Prem Nagar can be measured with a simple blood test. There are times when the liver cannot eliminate bilirubin from the blood. An overabundance of bilirubin, a blockage, or liver inflammation can contribute to this condition. Skin and eye whites will turn yellow from an excess of bilirubin. Jaundice is the medical term for this issue. Total bilirubin serum test in Prem Nagar is necessary to find out if you have one of these diseases. Bile is secreted into the small intestine, where it aids in the digestion of lipids. In the end, it's eliminated by feces. Bilirubin total in Prem Nagar is bilirubin linked by the liver to glucose-derived glucuronic acid. Indirect bilirubin, also known as unconjugated bilirubin, is bilirubin that has not been conjugated with glucuronic acid. The term "total bilirubin" describes the sum of all bilirubin levels in the blood

Getting regular checkups can help prevent illnesses. Qris Health offers an easy way to monitor your health with their Bilirubin Total, Serum in Prem Nagar starting at only ₹199. We have served over 1 lakh satisfied customers in 50+ cities. This test is available in Prem Nagar with home sample collection facilitiy. This test includes 1 number of key health parameter(s). Whether you choose this test or another package, Qris Health helps you keep track of your health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some bilirubin in the blood is typical. Consider the following within the normal range: Less than 0.3 mg/dL (less than 5.1 mol/L) of direct bilirubin (also known as conjugated bilirubin).

If your bilirubin levels are consistently high, it could be a sign of liver or bile duct disease. An increase in the pace at which red blood cells are being destroyed might lead to a rise in bilirubin levels.

On day 4 or 5, bilirubin levels may reach their maximum of 18 mg/dL, and jaundice usually disappears within two weeks as the liver develops.

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