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CRP (C Reactive Protien) Quantitative, Serum Test in Prem Nagar

Test code: QRS37

Parameter Include : 1

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CRP test in Prem Nagar is produced by the liver. When a disorder causes inflammation anywhere in the body, CRP levels in the blood rise. When inflammation is present in the body, it can be detected by measuring c reactive protein levels in the blood. Various medical issues can cause a high CRP level. The cause could be anything from an infection to something more serious like cancer. However, the crp in Prem Nagar is a comprehensive screening tool. CRP blood levels can rise in response to any inflammatory condition. The c reactive protein test in Prem Nagar is a reasonably straightforward blood analysis. Typically, doctors take blood from a vein to collect samples. The vein in your arm will serve as the sample. There is no need to fast before taking the exam. You won't have to suffer through any discomfort during the c reactive protein blood test. Medications you're taking right now could skew the results of the crp blood test Prem Nagar.

Getting regular checkups can help prevent illnesses. Qris Health offers an easy way to monitor your health with their CRP (C Reactive Protien) Quantitative, Serum in Prem Nagar starting at only ₹249. We have served over 1 lakh satisfied customers in 50+ cities. This test is available in Prem Nagar with home sample collection facilitiy. This test includes 1 number of key health parameter(s). Whether you choose this test or another package, Qris Health helps you keep track of your health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A normal CRP value is less than 10 milligrams per liter (mg/L) in a routine test. A CRP level of more than 10 mg/L indicates a significant illness, trauma, or chronic illness

Depending on the severity of the injury, CRP's effects may manifest as localized pain, swelling, and discoloration. The medical test used to determine CRP blood levels is a blood test

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