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Culture & Sensitivity, Aerobic Bacteria, Urine Test Qutub Vihar

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A test of your urine is referred to as a urinalysis. It is employed in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of conditions, including diabetes, kidney disease, and infections of the urinary tract. Examining the color, concentration, and substance of urine are the three components that make up a urinalysis. For instance, if you have an infection in your urinary tract, your urine may appear cloudy rather than clear. Kidney disease may be the cause of increased levels of protein in the urine. When culture urine Qutub Vihar results are abnormal, additional testing is usually necessary to determine the cause of the issue. You don?t have to worry about the cost as urine culture test Qutub Vihar is affordable.

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Test for red blood cells in the urine. urine test Qutub Vihar. Protein urine test. Urine pH level test

Normal values range for PH is from 4.6 to 8

Urinalysis is a useful diagnostic tool for identifying a wide range of kidney and urinary tract conditions, such as diabetic kidney disease, bladder infections, kidney stones, and chronic kidney disease

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