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Urea, Serum Test Qutub Vihar

Test code: QRS23

Parameter Include : 1

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A blood urea test can reveal crucial details regarding the health of your kidneys. Your kidneys' primary function is to eliminate waste and surplus fluid from your body. The blood might become clogged with this waste material if you have kidney disease. This could eventually result in severe health issues like high blood pressure, anemia, and heart disease. Early kidney disease patients cannot exhibit any symptoms?a blood urea Qutub Vihar can help identify kidney issues early on when therapy will be more successful. The urea test Qutub Vihar measures the blood's urea nitrogen content. A waste product from the body's breakdown of proteins is urea, also known as urea nitrogen. For the body to expel the urea through the urine, the kidneys work to filter it out of the blood

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Frequently Asked Questions

Following the blood sample collection, you will receive the reports within 24 hours

Your doctor orders the blood urea nitrogen test following a thorough evaluation of your symptoms

The normal level for Urea is between 10 to 45 Mg/dl

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