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Dengue IgG Antibody (RAPID Card) Test Ram Nagar

Test code: QRS87

Parameter Include : 1

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IgG positivity without concomitant IgM positivity suggests a latent infection. In the absence of NS1 Ag and IgM, dengue igg antibody Ram Nagar alone is not diagnostic of current dengue infection. Therefore, the results of the tests should be utilised in conjunction with a comprehensive clinical examination that considers both the patient's exposure history and current symptoms. Mosquitoes in tropical regions spread the dengue virus. Dengue fever, after Malaria, is ranked as the second most significant tropical disease by the World Health Organization. India is one of the hardest-hit countries in a region where the burden is heavy. Dengue igg Ram Nagar is the weaker antibody when it comes to diagnosing Dengue fever. A patient with a history of dengue illness or an acute enteric fever, UTI, or other flaviviral infection may present with the appearance of solely IgG reactive status. In endemic regions, mosquito bites can cause serum IgG antibodies to be present even in otherwise healthy people

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The detection window is 3?5 days after the first symptoms of the illness appear, and the antibody remains in the body for another 2?4 months. Long-term detection may be facilitated by the presence of DENV IgG antibody, which is thought to occur 8-10 days after primary infection

If your hematocrit is at least 2.85: A present or previous infection with the dengue fever virus has been identified due to the detection of an IgG antibody. Lower than a 1.64 IV: The test results are negative without any measurable IgM antibodies to the dengue fever virus. IV: Uncertain; Antibody presence is debatable (1.65?2.84 scale).

Dengue virus (DV) IgG-class antibodies indicate prior exposure to DV

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