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Sodium, Serum Test Seemapuri

Test code: QRS22

Parameter Include : 1

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A sodium test Seemapuri determines how much sodium is present in your blood. An electrolyte is a substance that contains sodium. Electrolytes and electrically charged minerals that help maintain the fluid balance in the chemical balance of bases and acids. Sodium also helps in correcting the function of your nerves and muscles. Sodium Seemapuri plays a crucial role, and it helps diagnose different health issues associated with kidney dehydration and other medical problems. It gives you a complete picture of what is wrong with your body. Timely screening can help you avoid illnesses

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Frequently Asked Questions

The sodium serum blood test measures the amount of sodium in your bloodstream. Sodium is one of the essential minerals for nerve and muscle function.

This test is done to diagnose the water in your body and the electrolyte balance whenever anemia occurs. It is also a part of a routine blood test

The normal level for Sodium is between 136 to 145 mmoI/L

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