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IgE Total Antibody Test Shyam Vihar

Test code: QRS51

Parameter Include : 1

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ige Shyam Vihar is a type of antibody that is found in the human immune system. Antibodies are proteins the immune system produces in response to a foreign substance. An ige total test Shyam Vihar is a type of antibody that is produced by the ige cells. It is found in the ige cells of the immune system, and it is released in response to a foreign substance. The suitable cells are located in the lymph nodes and the spleen. ige total antibodies are produced by the body's ige cells, circulating in the blood plasma. ige test Shyam Vihar is a blood test used to determine if you have an infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The ige total antibody test price depends on place. This test is associated with advanced HIV Infection in the blood. If you are a recent HIV seroconversion, you will most likely have a positive result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The body ingests pollen and other allergens. These allergens bind to pre-made IgE, which signals the rest of the immune system to start an allergic reaction

When the test is positive, a red swelling results from the needle puncturing the arm's skin with the allergen. Although it is a reasonably precise test, each allergen must be checked numerous times.

Let your doctor know if you use any drugs. Typically, no further special preparation is needed before this exam

The normal level for IGE is between 20 to 200 UI/ml

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